entrepreneur, athlete, husband & father

Using his own principles of organization and time management, Chris finds balance as a serial entrepreneur and athlete with being a loving husband and father of two.

Growing up, my dad always told me and my brother to, ‘do it now.’ Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity or for things to be completely ready—just do it now.”

When he was just seven years old, Chris was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Never one to back away from a challenge, he was determined not to let his disease define him and would eventually become an all-star athlete and a breakout business success. Through his entrepreneurial journey, he has developed a passion for technology, efficiency, and making business easier. As a husband and father of two, Chris finds his inspiration from his family and balances work with date nights and playtime.

Chris Ronzio.

After starting his first business when he was just 14, Chris spent a decade building a national video production company that would net over $3 million.

Before turning 25, he sold that company and founded Organize Chaos, a consulting agency focused on business efficiency. After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs through his agency, Chris and his team developed a software tool to help small, growing businesses identify their top priorities and take action to catch up and get ahead. This tool became Trainual, the modern training manual for growing businesses.

At the heart of Chris’s work is a desire to help business leaders find the time to do more of what they love, and by providing a way to document and delegate what you do through creating a scalable operations manual, Trainual is doing just that for business owners, team leaders, and hiring managers worldwide. In addition to his role as Founder and CEO of Trainual, Chris is also part-owner of Design Pickle, the world’s leading flat-rate graphic design service.

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Discover daily inspiration, weekly fuel, and all the behind-the-scenes moments with Chris Ronzio as he builds Trainual, tackles training goals, and helps small businesses around the world.

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